Are you always looking for a way to stay sharp, gain an edge and boost your personal productivity? If so you are in good company of a big portion of the rest of the population of the world. With so much to do and the list seemingly ever-increasing daily many of us are aiming to increase our individual efficiency if for only to simply make it to tomorrow.

Increasing productivity begins with getting the most out of what skill sets you already have. With that said here are 5 ways to find the productivity improvement you are looking for by ‘fine tuning’ what you already have.

1.  Begin Early

The old saying ‘early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise’ is something most people have heard and it bears a lot of truth. Starting your day early will give you the chance to make the most of your energy level while at it’s highest. Both your body and mind  usually tend to wear down throughout the course of the day so it just is sensible to be sure to get the most out of both when they’re at their optimal levels.

2.  Establish a Fitness Routine

Along the lines of maximizing personal performance a healthy body is going to possess more stamina and ‘staying’ power so you can remain ‘sharper for an extended period of time. Also, it is a well-known fact that exercise delivers more oxygen to your brain allowing it to function more effectively. So here is what you get for exercising, sharper brains on a more fit body, what else might you ask for?

Additionally following a routine exercise program will help you to fall asleep easier at night so that you can wake up early the next morning refreshed.

3.  ‘List Out’ Your Day

Preparing a daily list of priorities will make it easier to keep your focus on finishing those tasks you determine as important. Typically just simply listing out your ‘day in advance’ will automatically guide you to prioritize the tasks on your list. As your ‘to do’ list is being put together you are able to make any necessary changes as to schedule or perhaps a change in your priorities. This is an effective technique for ‘scheduling goals’ on a daily basis!

4.  Build Up Your Strengths

Whatever strength you have can always be improved upon! Possibly the best strategy to increasing productivity is to simply get better at what you are currently good at. Besides if you find yourself proficient at something you generally also enjoy doing it so you will likely not mind spending more time on it to make positive changes.

5.  Work on Your Weaknesses

In order to get better we quite often will need to venture outside our ‘comfort zone’ this means facing something we are not proficient at. Simply by dedicating a small amount of time each day to work on some of our weaknesses we are going to begin to see progress in these areas over a short period of time. Before long we are going to improve and be more comfortable with these ‘former weaknesses’ which will make it even easier to spend more time working away at them.

For those who are driven it is only natural and quite commendable to want to boost your current personal productivity. With an ever growing list, discovering ways to increase our personal performance is the best way to tackle these new challenges. Developing new talents and skills is one way to find the productivity improvement necessary to meet these challenges. Another more practical approach to increasing productivity however and possibly even easier is to further develop the skill sets we already have. The 5 ways to do this as discussed above focuses more on ways to strengthen or better utilize any current assets we have. In this way we can easily improve upon whatever we already know in doing so making us better at that which we already do.

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