About Anne

Overworked and overwhelmed? Let Anne show you how to work more effectively with less effort! A  Project Manager Professional, she is also a cancer survivor, professional keynote speaker, desert hiker, and biohacker. She thrives on helping others improve their effectiveness in work or business. She helps you understand what’s holding you back and teaches you to make simple changes to improve the quality of your life at work and at home. 

As the daughter of entrepreneurial hotel owners, Anne understands the challenges today’s business owners and family-owned businesses face-and bring solutions to those challenges into the workplace. Anne McGurty graduated from Katharine Gibbs School, Boston, Massachusetts, and the University of Phoenix with a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems.

After years in the corporate world working with Merrill Lynch, MetLife, Encoda Systems, Message Media (aka Double Click), and Neiman Marcus. she started her own corporate consulting business, Strategize & Organize in 2002. Anne was nominated for Small Business Person of the Year by the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce. She is a member of the National Speaker’s Association, National Association of Professional Organizers and former President of the Colorado chapter of National Association of Professional Organizers.

In 2010, Anne was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Having lost her mother to breast cancer, she knew that she had to be proactive and aggressive with her own medical care.  Over the next few years, life changed. Anne learned that while she worked less, her income dramatically dropped. The devastation of cancer, and essentially losing her business due to lack of stamina, presented a new opportunity on how to be of service to her clients.  

In 2015, Anne took her skills into the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries and earned her hours as a project manager. In 2018, she became certified as a Project Manager Professional, PMP. With this newfound credential, Anne built a new career and credibility. She is currently maintaining contracts as a Project Manager in Information Technology and Marketing projects.

What’s profoundly different now, is that in 2018, Anne learned that the root cause of all disease is oxidative stress. She was introduced to a revolutionary product, which is medically proven, to reduce oxidative stress 40% in 30 days. Her passion to help others now has a venue.  
 Anne knows that when people are presented with a health issue, even though they may be professionally and financial responsible, the income stops.  Her passion grew to seek out a product or service that she could teach others on how to prevent crisis and chaos in their own lives. She learned that she needed to develop a side gig to maintain income and build a retirement plan greater than any corporation could offer.    On the Shop page of this site, scroll down to Wellness Shop and learn about and shop t products that have changed Anne’s world. 

Anne resides in the greater Phoenix, Arizona area. She is single, enjoys the urban lifestyle and the opportunity to go for a hike in the foothills, travelling on the weekends, and continually educating others on how to improve the quality of their life at work, enjoying life balance and biohacking their health.    

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