Clothes for a Cause


“Feeling beautiful after breast cancer can be as simple as having the right dress!” —Anne McGurty

Along the journey of recovering from breast cancer, one of my personal frustrations has been my clothes.  I know that sounds pretty shallow, but the truth is we all have hobbies, some people like to garden, I love fashion and clothes.

The reason I added clothes to my venue of services is because my clothes helped financially and with my self-esteem as my body transformed through surgeries.

Financially because my cash flow got tight.  I was able to sell my clothes on consignment and have cash available for other needs at that time.  My self-esteem has alway been closely related to how I look.  You can judge, but honestly, do you really feel great when you just throw something on everyday?  Again, it may sound shallow or vain, but that’s just me.  When my favorite dresses, tops, and bras no longer fit, it was actually a grieving process.

Today, I’m working with different ways with clothes all with a purpose that fuels my passion to enjoy clothes, but also financially now to give back.

Revenues from clothing sales, annually, 10% of the net profits will be donated to a woman in need due to her journey with cancer.  This money will go directly to her.

As I started talking about this idea, ideas and help were coming in from all directions. There will be 4 revenue streams.

The parts of my business that will support those revenues are:

  • Annie’s Got Your Gown – clearance for high-end dresses for prom, special occasions, retail, rental and consignment
  • My French Chic Boutique (Just because I love French style, an online boutique)
  • Scottsdale Style – On Sale (Consignment)
  • The Post Cancer Capsule Wardrobe – The key pieces of comfortable clothing that got me through getting dressed in style.

For today, I am working first on Annie’s Got Your Gown.  This collection started as a result of a girlfriend in Scottsdale who had a beautiful dress shop.  She got engaged in December 2017 and now she is focusing on working with her fiance in his business in Colorado.  You can visit my first attempt at a Pinterest board.  If you want to purchase anything or have any questions, just text me at 480-442-2014 and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.