This morning I was working on my website and I had the television on in the background and was listening to Wayne Dyer talking.  He said something that really struck home with me.
“When we live in a place of passion, we can create anything.  Passion is the creative source in our soul.. live it and let it be your number one source of living life.. it is God guiding you.”
As a business consultant, I know that may be a little too “God focused” for a business dialogue, but I see the value in living your passion.  When we feel something inside of us,driving us, and we ignore, I think we are destined to live in chaos.  The chaos is the conflict of doing what we think we should be doing versus what we enjoy doing.
I know I get so excited when I am working with people as a business coach, being productive, being of service.  It is obviously nurturing my soul when I am working with others, my clients, my friends.

Think about your life, try to feel it in your heart and soul.  Is it serving you? Or are you serving another force outside your comfort zone.  If your life is calm, organized, and balance, chances are you are living your passion.  If you are feeling conflict and disorder, there is opportunity to strategize and organize yourself into a more fulfilling life.
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