Your fragrance is your mysterious signature.

Anne McGurty

Everyone wants to smell great. It makes you feel better about yourself when you can add some perfume on your body before you step out the door.

In 2019, perfume sales statistics showed a 27% increase in sales, a drastic difference compared to post-pandemic numbers of almost double. While the pandemic caused most of the cosmetics industry to suffer, fragrances were the one product that seemed to gain in popularity. Perfume market research suggests the increase was due to the small source of comfort a pleasing smell can provide someone, even in a time of uncertainty.

Perfume is a confidence booster and can make you feel like you can take on the world. It is also a lovely form of self-care. There are several ways to purchase perfume; at your favorite department store,, buy online or buy from a boutique shop. When you buy from a boutique shop, they may make their own perfumes with a unique combination that goes great with your body chemistry.

Buying from a boutique shop may cost more but if they sell the fragrance that you want, you will pay extra for it.

Buying from a department store usually means that you’re buying perfume that has been created in large amounts in order to distribute it to enough stores.

Of the top 10 fragrances, three were by Chanel. Interestingly, the top two best sellers, namely Dior Sauvage and Bleu de Chanel, (one of my favorites!) are marketed for men. Speaking about the most popular fragrances, Macpherson said they had similar profiles; the basic profile being woody with a hint of florals.

The store purchases a large quantity of perfume at one time, which can reduce the price per bottle of perfume, giving you a discount on your perfume. Then you have the option of buying perfume online. When you buy online you can shop from home and your favorite fragrance delivered right to your door.

You can take your time to find the right perfume for you. Think about the fragrances that you really love rather than being impulsive with what’s on trend. Buying online makes it easier to purchase.  Remember to check out the return policy too so that you have an option to return should it not be what you expect.

As with anything, you need to be careful how you purchase your perfume. If you don’t use the perfume often you may want to make sure that it only contains natural essential oils so it will have a longer shelf life.

Be careful too how you store your perfume. Living in Arizona, the heat or the sun shining on a display of perfumes can alter the scent. Storing your perfume in a cool area and away from sunlight tends to prolong the scent.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and a few of my recommendations. For transparency, I do get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post.

I’ll leave you with a quote from Coco Chanel, “A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future.” 

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