It’s absolutely possible, twenty minutes quiet time alone can stop a racing mind and bring on a welcomed calming and reduce anxiety in your life.  

Take a moment and think about how you spend your time during the day. Having spent years as a productivity consultant, I know that people who reflect on what they need to get done and make time for what’s important, are able to get more done. So many people start their day reaching over for the alarm on their smartphone, check their social media, their emails, and are off to the shower to get ready for their day. Morning routines are crammed with making lunch for yourself, possibly kids, feeding your peds, picking up the house and possibly out the door in a jungle of traffic. Most people have the inevitable crash at 3 pm, are sluggish on their drive home, run some errands, make a quick dinner or takeout and have not had a nurturing moment to themselves all day. Sound familiar. My day can be like this too. Until I found meditation. Take a brief twenty minutes at the end of my day, resets my mind. I find that this investment in myself helps me wake up with a fresh perspective and more focused.

The world moves quickly. And whereas that’s not necessarily bad, it’s just something many of us are adapting to. Our brains aren’t wired to stay up with the constant escalating turmoil that we’re served daily. It can wear on anyone, feeling empty and depleted at the end of the day — it is taking a toll on our health, increasing our oxidative stress. Anxiety and depression underscore our new inability to distance ourselves from the constant noise in our lives, also known as free radicals. Self-care is becoming more critical.

Fortunately, there’s a healthy remedy for modern life, and it doesn’t involve escaping with drugs and alcohol or throwing your phone away.

It’s meditation.

If you think that meditation may be a new-age, mystic retreat, live-in-a-commune kind of thing, I’m telling you, it’s not! It can be a mere twenty minutes every day, morning or night. Meditation will change your life.

Sitting in silence to meditate will feel strange and uncomfortable for many beginners. After all, our brains are conditioned to be frenetically on the move. Forcing our minds to slow down is usually met with resistance. However, in essence, this can be what meditation basically is — calming our minds by sitting with them for several minutes each day.

While many, if you’re like me, will scoff and say, I’ll never quiet MY mind, don’t be discouraged. It is possible and the advantages are worth trying it out. Here are a few advantages:  

Meditation is just good for your well being.

Meditation will increase circulation.

What’s significantly fascinating regarding meditation is its ability to assist stress management and resist negative emotions. 

Rather than self-medicating with food, media binging, or social media, meditation provides the mental state and clarity that true happiness and happiness depend on.

Meditation doesn’t take time. It will increase it. 

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