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Why does clutter cause you stress

Why Does Clutter Cause You Stress?

Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed with clutter and unable to focus on what is most important to you in your life?  Download Your Free Guide to learn how to fix this! 

Lost in your own office

Lost In Your Own Office:
Tips for Getting Organized by Anne McGurty!

Unclutter your brain! Let organizing do the work for you.

This fun and the light-hearted book gives you practical tips on knowing where you put “it” and teaches you to save time. You will also get tips on how to reduce stress, turn chaos into order, improve your bottom line, review your systems and office procedures, create performance metrics and accountability, and discover your customer perspective.

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  • This book is full of logical steps to creating workable, clutter-free spaces, wherever you are. If you think you can’t afford the more efficient office equipment, think again; there’s a bigger picture you may not be seeing. Emotionally attached to your office layout? Then, this is the perfect time for an assessment. Anne breaks down the big picture to help you see yourself in your solution; she does not offer a cookie-cutter approach to your specific messiness. Be warned: You will start to rethink how you got to where you are and what is no longer working.  Is that such a bad thing?  — Juliet G. Cleere-Lachman
  • The beauty of this book is that Anne provides us with so many simple to apply tools and strategies. She does this in a way that is totally non-threatening which takes away much of the resistance that stands between us and actually getting organized.  — Anonymous
  • Sometimes the task of getting organized is overwhelming. Most people just need a few simple ideas to get them going and this book is exactly that motivation. Buy this book and get organized.  — Anonymous
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