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How One Client Improved Their Customer Management System from a Call Center System

As a business consultant here in the Phoenix metropolitan area, I find that businesses can learn from each other.  Having an open mind and interacting with other business owners can give you some great insight to efficient systems that work well across all industries.  Let’s take a look at contact management systems using the case study of a call center.

Call center contact managers teach to develop their communication skills and effectively assess the task of staff. Key to call center management are procedures and equipment that they use when connecting with clients or prospects.

Call center contact management training

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As a busy executive, it’s important that you obtain organizational skills, as they will help you efficiently and effectively run your organization, manage employees and plan for your business. Everything from equipping yourself with the proper supplies and equipment to managing your time properly and hiring qualified employees can improve your organizational executive skills.
From creating a daily to-do list to jotting down important dates and meetings in a planner or using a personal digital assistant, there are many ways executives can use time management techniques to do a better organize their days and the businesses they run.

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The Physical Space of Our Offices Affect Productivity

Squeezed into a corner?

Maximize whatever space you have.
Winston Churchill once said, “We shape our buildings; thereafter, they shape us.” How true, not just for hotels but for our offices as well.

Studies have found that the physical space in which we work affects satisfaction, productivity, and even learning. Yet few of us take time to strategize and organize our workplaces or our homes.

Imagine an office where you show up every day and feel excited each day to get started because your desk is inviting you to sit down. Your chair is ergonomically correct, you have all the
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What does it take to fill your calendar with clients?

Yvonne , Anne  and Shannon
 Enlighten Studio, Scottsdale, AZ

It was New Year’s Eve day, 2013, and I had an appointment at a Scottsdale hair salon.  Mind you it was actually the last day of the year, I imagined it might be significantly busier for the big last night of the year. As I got to the salon and no one else was there, I was wondering  aren’t most people having their hair done with a super up do or a blow out.  Perhaps not.   I personally, just needed to get my hair cut and colored, a long overdue visit.  … Read More>>

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Do you know what you need to do each day to break even?

This morning I was reading an excerpt from “The Compound Effect” by Darrin Hardy and was reminded of the daily habits that we do regardless of whether positive or negative and just how those habits shape your way of life.  When I was reading and reflecting, I realized it was like a client I met earlier this week.  My client was busy building her business with inventory, daily purchasing and scouting for emerging and unique merchandise, and was compounding plenty of personal debt.

Operating a small business on debt can sometimes quickly and sometimes slowly run you right out of … Read More>>