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3 Reasons to Keep Your Day Job

Watching people and their habits is something that I’ve done for years. Growing up on the east coast, visiting New York City, my parents owning a hotel, all were tremendous opportunities for me be curious about people’s habits. As a business consultant today, I use those natural observation skills to identify problems that affect people’s personal productivity. Lack of productivity often transfers to lost business opportunities, translating to losing money. Time management is always a hot topic. I hear people say all too often, I don’t have time. I want to meet with you but we’re too busy. When things … Read More>>

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Seriously, I’m not that old! It’s obsolete?

As we’re closing in on the year, it’s always fun  to reflect on the “best of” and this morning I heard something about things that have become obsolete in the last 10 years.

The two items that caught my attention were the answering machine and the Rolodex.  If you’re still using either one, my question to you is, “are you being as efficient as possible?”.

I think we all really have come to the point where we are less resistant to technology solutions to make our life easier.  So many clients of mine over the years have let go of … Read More>>