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Activating Vitality Genes Acts As An Anti-Aging Agent

Anti-Aging Agent

According to two prominent anti-aging researchers, “the key to stop aging is activating newly discovered vitality genes. Recent experiments in genetic reprogramming suggest that in the near future, we may be able to not just feel younger – but actually become younger. “

The future is NOW! I have been activating my vitality genes for the past 8 years via the Nrf2 pathway with a Mediterranean diet and by taking an Nrf2 activator. More recently, I have boosted the Nrf1 and NAD/sirtuin anti-aging pathway. I am not taking aging lying down!!!

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What is Biohacking?

What is Biohacking

Biohacking is taking full control of your biology. If you’ve pursued ways to improve your health, that’s biohacking. My goal is to educate you on how it is so much more than putting butter in your coffee every morning or taking a daily vitamin. Biohacking is the desire to understand your body and mind and using everything at your disposal — cutting-edge technology, tools, and science — to become the best version of yourself.

Why Biohacking?

Biohacking is understanding the why behind how you’re feeling, thinking, and performing. Knowing the “why” empowers you to not only biohack your body but … Read More>>

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Mental Health and Productivity

Eating healthy, exercise, reduce your stress!  You hear all of these mantras often, if not daily.  You have to wonder, how do people deal with it all.

Real life is not all wine and roses. The challenges life presents are all part of package of life. Coming head to head with adversity should not be viewed as a bad thing?  what matters is the way in which we deal with it. A positive mind-set is vital because positive thinking is proven to boost our overall performance and quality
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