Anne McGurty - My Story

Anne McGurty


My name is Anne McGurty.  I’m originally from New Jersey, one of six kids. Dad was a school teacher, mom was a stay at home mom.  Currently, I reside in Scottsdale, Arizona.

When I was 14, my parents bought a hotel (ok, it was a 24 room motel) and my first career started as a hotel manager. I spent the next 30 years between corporate America, most recently as a Project Manager Professional in pharmaceuticals and healthcare,  and 15 years running my own consulting businesses focused on productivity and process improvement.

In 1993 my mother died of breast cancer. I continued on my career and found myself having, what in retrospect. a lonely life essentially working. In 2010 I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

I have over eight years of stories. which you can follow many snippet stories on my blog.

Anne McGurtyIn 2018, after a very toxic work situation, I was treated for PTSD.  I have taken pride over the years for being a very ethical worker and even though I worked 80 hours a week, many weeks, the hamster wheel of life wasn’t getting any better. Shortly thereafter, a friend introduced me to an innovative health and wellness company that could change my life.

Since the devastation emotionally, physically, and financially with cancer, I had been looking for something to be a vehicle to allow me to help others who were faced with the same challenges.

I learned about a $250 million public company that developed a proprietary product that providing alternate options with medical research proving that extension of life, with over 200 peer-review studies validating life-changing products

Shortly after that meeting, I started making changes to my food, exercise, and wellness routine. Within a couple of weeks, I started sleeping better and am more focused on my work. I have since experience changes by introducing new products into my routine, surrounded myself with amazing people who challenged my personal development and for the first time in my life feeling that I have a system as well as the peace of mind that I am taking care of myself.

Today, I bring to you:

  • 15 years as a productivity consultant saving companies time and money with improved processes
  • 10 years as a trainer in marketing focused on business development for businesses from the stay at home mom, small business entrepreneurs to the public company needing to comply with government guidance.
  • 10 years a Project Manamgent Professional creating systems for companies to get a competitive edge in delivering products and services
  • Over 20 years of hands-on experience in industries, including pharmaceutical, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, and many other service-related businesses.

My passion is to work with others who want to change, to leave a legacy, and to have the security that their retirement years are financially secured with a leveraged income protecting themselves and their families.

If you believe you are ready for a change, schedule a time now to meet with me and let’s take action on what we can do together for you to live the life you love.

All my best,

Anne McGurty