Essanté Organics Announces  

New Pre-Launch Product: Sun ShineTM

First In The World: Toxic Free Immune Enhancing Self Tanning Lotion

Phoenix, Arizona 
January 1, 2014
Essanté Organics, an award winning global organic comodities and direct sales company, based in AZ, USA pre-launched another 100% green, first-of-a-kind, industry disruptive product into the global organic market today, aptly called Sun ShineTM. 
Sun ShineTM is a 100% Certified ToxicFreeTM    immune enhancing self tanning and bronzing lotion that delivers a truly healthy golden glow. Chicory Root is the organic ingredient that activates the skin’s own Vitamin D Receptors, which help improve overall immunity while delivering a dazzling, tanner skin tone in 3 to 10 days. Results are cumulative & it can be used daily.   

Sun ShineTM is a freshly scented, rich, creamy, white, hydrating lotion for the skin. Now everyone can enjoy 
Sun ShineTM without the trouble: 
  • No zapped feeling from the sun, Sun ShineTM can help IMPROVE immunity
  • No harmful toxins or chemical ingredients found in other self tanners  
  • No dangerous tanning beds
  • No harmful UV sun rays
  • No time commitment or weather constraints
  • No typical self tanner smell, Sun ShineTM has a clean, fresh scent 

Essanté Organics continues to develop first-to-market products that deliver results. Two additional daily-use products are slated to enter their ever-growing ToxicFreeTM product catalog in the first quarter of 2014. One product is in such high demand, the company has moved up and increased production in order to launch it live, at The Great Green Event, March 1, 2014 at Wild Horse Pass Casino in Arizona. The Great Green Event, sponsored by Essanté Organics, is a free, semi-annual educational conference open to the public. Attendees enjoy festivities and education on the importance of organic and alkaline products.  The free seminar also includes expert training on how to launch and operate an organic e-commerce business for a one time start up cost as low as $199 and an even lower monthly overhead fee of $40-$100, which includes ToxicFreeTM products. 
Essanté Organics shares that humanity faces a dangerous hidden problem: the average person unknowingly applies over 120 toxic products to their hair and skin before 9am. The personal care industry is unregulated and most companies use cheap, toxic, even carcenogenic ingredients to boost their profits, regardless if it harms the consumer.  Essanté Organics provides a simple, organic solution. Their extensive line of ToxicFreeTM daily-use products serve one purpose: to help families across the globe live chemical free. As the global demand for organic (non-chemical, non GMO) products continues to escalate, Essanté Organics’ growing sales force are poised to capture a large percentage of what economic experts are calling the next 4 trillion dollar shift in spending.  
To find out more information contact me, Anne McGurty at 480-442-2014.
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