If you are in business  and are using social media personally, people will check you out and make decisions about whether or not to do business with you or hire you based on what you’re saying online.  If you want to get to the next level of your business or your profession in the next year, take these handy tips to freshen things up.
1. SWEEP THE FLOOR: Go through your Facebook profile and remove all green “recent activity” icons by scrolling to the right of each message and clicking on the x. Click on the option “do not post my recent activity”.   There’s no need for people to see who you just became friends with or who you wished a happy birthday to, etc. Now view the items you posted in the last 3 months. If they are questionable, negative or unprofessional remove them. Finally, remove all posts placed by other people that are currently showing on your profile page.  Your profile should only contain positive posts by you. Great job sweeping the floor, now your profile page is clean. When people visit your page to read about you they see a positive image of you.
2. BE POSITIVE: Avoid posting negative comments. Don’t do it. Period. For example do not post: “I’m sick”, “I’m angry”, “I had a bad day”, trashy video or content, etc. You will attract what you put out there. Always be positive. Now that you’ve removed any negative posts, keep it positive moving forward in your timeline.
3. UPGRADE YOUR PROFILE PICTURE: Make sure your Facebook Profile Picture is professional. Take a look at Anne McGurty for examples. Anytime you have the opportunity to be photographed with a microphone at a corporate event, when you’re in business attire, or as you’re at a high- end resort or swanky restaurant, take advantage of it! Then post it on Facebook as your profile pic!
4. ADD A PHOTO TO Facebook ADS: photos add an impactful visual element to your profile page and to the ads you post. Be creative and edgy without crossing the line of professionalism. If you’re using the ad IT’S       MORE FUN HERE! Add a photo of a guinea pig skating on the sidewalk wearing roller blades! Yes we’ve done that! Why? Because people look at photos first… and IF it is intriguing & fun… they then read the post. Mission accomplished! Do NOT post more than 2-3 Facebook newsfeed ads per month. See #7 below.
5. PRIVATE MESSAGES ONLY: At the base of each ad ask them to respond to your business phone or via private message where they include their contact information.  If you choose to have them call, make sure your voicemail is also professional.  Check this one out custom to recruit people to a growing organic company, 1-800-394-4174.
6. MONITOR COMMENTS: monitor all the comments your posts receive. If anyone posts a negative comment remove it right away. They will NOT be notified that you removed their comment. Comments are public and are viewed by everyone looking at your profile so check them often and REMOVE all negativity.
7. LIFESTYLE POSTS ARE THE MOST MAGNETIC OF ALL: It’s not just about ads, ads, ads. All business and no fun will create a lopsided Facebook profile. What are people attracted to the MOST? … the way you LIVE LIFE!!! Anytime you go to the movies, the lake, the beach, dinner, traveling, host a party, attend a party, etc… POST IT WITH A PHOTO! Let people know you’re on track to be retired from your 9-5 job. Let people know how amazing it is to grocery shop or catch a movie MID-WEEK!!! Let them know you’re traveling more and working less…. or that you are on track to do that! People are attracted to fun, excitement, joy and THEY WILL WANT WHAT YOU HAVE … THEY WILL WANT TO WORK BESIDE YOU. THEY WILL            WANT TO MOVE TOWARD THE GOAL YOU ARE MOVING TOWARD.
8. As people private message you they will be from all over the country and beyond. If you’re not able to meet with them face to face, send them to your blog, website or share your company with them right away directly over the phone.

And remember, just have fun!  Be authentic, people will always do business with people they know, like and trust.  Create the brand online and you will shine!
Happy New Year!
Anne McGurty

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