Connecting on the Go
Being able to make a quick call or check email while you wait is an efficient use of time.  A smartphone, couple with Gamil and Google calendar, always synchronization across multiple devices.  Google Drive also allows you to pull up forms quickly and easily. You can respond to emails and your electronic files in seconds.

Gmail/Google Calendar – be sure to synchronize your calendar and email to your smartphone.

Skype or GoogleHangout  The voice and video chat services make it simple to remain in touch.

Go to Meeting / Instant Teleseminar – incorporate these whenever you want to train or brainstorm with your clients, teams, or colleagues.

Devices on the Go
Laptop check for one that’s durable enough to travel or even day to day client meetings.   Check out for recommendations.

Tablet – Made famous by the iPad.  Not always the most practical solution.  However if you are only needing web-based applications, it’s helpful.  (Internet access is required for this to be a viable option.)

Internet access – Critical basic is wi-fi or mi-fi mobile.  (wi-fi accessed through a compact, personal wireless router or smartphone, usually available as an optional fee.)

Strategize & Organize


Smartphone – check with your phone service provider for the best rate on a data plan.

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