Last year when I was in London, I had no idea where to stay but I know I wanted to feel safe and comfotable. The costs of hotels were so high and if I exceeded my budget for a hotel I knew I wouldn’t get out exploring as much as I would like. I had heard about a service called, AirBnB which lists private residences that have an extra room.  Turns out, I found a listing in my budget in a premium location right off the tube, the London subway.

How cool was it to kick back with a local family, have some basic food available in the fridge and really dive into the local flavor visiting in an actual neighborhood.

Today, I am one of the hosts for AirbNB.  I have a two bedroom condo in Paradise Valley, AZ, a community wedged between Scottsdale and Phoenix.  Considering I’m surrounded by 4 and 5 star hotels, people are often looking for a less expensive option.

If you live in a community where there may be a draw for visitors, whether it’s a college town, a golf resorts, ski resort, or summer theater location, you may just have the perfect venue to have your own bed and breakfast.

I’d love to hear your stories.  Share you stories here with me.  If you want to sign up for AirBNB, they have a referral program too, so once you sign up, you can refer out to friends and increase your revenue that way also.  Click here to sign up for your account to travel or to list.

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