As our work loads and ‘to do’ lists grow so does the stress to keep up with the increasing demands and maintain our personal productivity. Eventually we will need to step up and embrace personal responsibility to master the best way to manage our crazy schedules. Read more to get a simple business strategy that will organize your schedule, save time and increase productivity.

Probably one of the greatest tips on how to increase productivity is to consolidate and better align your time and effort at each and every opportunity. Daily almost everyone is seeking solutions to make life easier and boost his or her own personal productivity. Surprisingly day after day more is added to our ‘to do list’ leading to a negative impact on our personal performance. This escalating frustration demands a necessity by all of us to assume personal responsibility for establishing a system or strategy allowing us to manage bigger work loads. Due to the fact we simply cannot produce more time the necessity to make better use of the time we have is the answer.

Time management is a fundamental principle for all of our productivity issues.  Listed here is a 5 step process just about anyone can use to better organize their time, efforts and improve their personal productivity.

Identify Daily ‘Needs’ 

Take all those tasks and assigned commitments you are presented with and figure out what must be done daily. Basically categorize these as part of your daily chores or tasks and move on to the next step.  I have a list of my social media marketing steps on a checklist and every morning I review and check off each of the steps.  That way I don’t forget and I visually track what I’m doing as other thoughts, emails, or calls may interrupt my focus.

Determine Weekly “Needs”

Sort out the things you are obliged or perhaps aspire to accomplish that is a ‘weekly’ essential. You might have certain things that require attention maybe once within the week however, not everyday. Specify these tasks to their appropriate day and get started on the next step which is…..

Determine Monthly “Needs”

Sort and categorize any task that will only call for attention on a monthly basis. At this point you most likely will be contending with a smaller list of items from your ‘to do’ list.  Do you find yourself starting to breathe again?

Combine Any Related “Needs”

Finally go back into each category you have come up with above and evaluate each responsibility to see if any can be combined with another. For example you may need to be at a specific location to carry out a particular task. If some other errand or task can be handled at the same location also plan it together for completion which will really help boost your personal productivity. By ‘batching’ your tasks this way you will definitely make more efficient use of both your time and effort.


Take your newly organized work schedule for a spin and be flexible, change it as you see fit. Each time you make a slight adjustment you will simply be increasing your personal productivity and efficiency.  I always say that things don’t’ clutter, we clutter.  And when we understand why, we can make simple changes to improve the quality of our life at work and at home.

Considering the stressful lifestyles and work demands many people currently are facing there is a persistent need to increase productivity. As a result of these demands our personal productivity, as a result is diminishing which actually reflects negatively on our personal performance. The need to find a solution to this perpetual ‘concern’ falls directly on the shoulders of just about every one of us. By taking personal responsibility of the time we can have and organizing it we can easily make better use of our efforts.

As I am busy during the week with my business consulting clients in the Phoenix area, I have found that this 5 step process can be adapted and used by just about anyone to get back control of their time and improve upon their own personal performance.

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