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Strategize & Organize Your Time

There are ways to keep yourself from procrastinating and stop putting things off.  Here are a few ideas to address your procrastination.

  1. Be organized. Write out all the things you need to do and learn how to prioritize your tasks, to the most important, small tasks or larger ones that may take some time
  2. Your time is a gift, plan it and manage your time wisely. Do not waste it and spend your time mostly on the internet, watching TV or on the phone continually. Have a specific amount of time you spend doing things, so you can complete these tasks. Do not overestimate that you have all the time in the world to complete your task.
  3. Do not give in and succumb to the thought that if you wait long enough, that the task will just disappear and go away. You and I know it would not.3|

Deal with your own reasons for procrastinating. Is the project overwhelming, are you stressed and tired because of work, marriage, children, or do you just fear failing in the project or task and it will not do a good job or do you fear succeeding if you complete the project or task at hand? Always analyze and assess your reasons.

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