Collections can look like works of art, or they can look like piles of junk — it’s all in the presentation and preservation.  Having a display is great if you have the room and your items can remain safe while on display.

Here are a few tips to organize your collection.

1.  Make a decision that you love what you want to keep.
2.  Ask yourself how you want to see the collection, ie., accessible, locked up, with back lighting.
3.  Decide on a space to display the collection.  You may want to invest in a separate unit, a specialty cabinet or shelving.
4.  Accessorize or as they do in retail, merchandise it.  Use props, display stands,to , and by confining it to that area, you’l prevent overload.

With these few steps to organizing your collection, you will be on your way to organizing your office and decluttering your space.


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