Build a habit. Not everyone is a born organizer. Continually ask three questions for your small business: “Does it work?’’ “Do I like it?” “Does it work for others?” Organizing can be learned. Do not worry about mistakes. 

I just got back from my Pilates class and it was funny that during the class my instructor referred to habits.  I paid attention as this was the topic of my post for the day.  She talked about how we needed to make a conscious effort for the change and then eventually it becomes automatic.  If you think about exercising, how many times do you exercise perfectly?  If you’re like me, rarely!  And that doesn’t prevent you from doing it again. It’s the same with organization.
My challenge to you as your business coach is to practice organizing daily — decluttering a little at a time.  Eventually the habit of making decisions on how to handle will be automatic.

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