Several months ago, I heard about a Facebook group in Phoenix and how people were getting all kinds of business as a result of using Facebook for their business. For the last couple of years I had been pretty adept in using Facebook, so I thought I’d check it out. I was proud of my 134 likes on my business page; however, I always did wonder how some people got so much traffic. Today I have over 1,500 likes and have a viral reach of over 7,000 people. How cool is that! In today’s post I’m going to teach you some of the tricks I learned.

  1.  Post once a day at least five times a week. 
  2.  Tag your business page in each post.
  3.  Post pictures 90% of the time that are cute, funny or have sex appeal (in a good way). Something that people want to “share”. 
  4. Refer to your business website. 
  5. Teach people something, give your knowledge away. 
  6. Have a call to action only once a week, people are tired of being sold to buy stuff. 
  7. Use hashtags “#” with your uniqueness. 
  8. Create a blog like mine here and share content on the blog as well. Refer to it in your posts. 
  9. Resize photos before posting and label with your keywords. 
  10. Systematically invitefriends to like your page. Excess invitations may mean you go to Facebook jail.  

These are just a few of the incredible nuggets I have picked up. Every week in Phoenix I go, if you want to learn more, like my Facebook page and you’ll get to know more about what I’m doing.  I’d welcome you to join me with #TopHatTerry and the #GiaHellerGang.

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