Have you ever wondered how are you going to keep up with it all?  How can you run your business, have stellar customer service and still be innovative?  Last week, I had the great opportunity to attend the Infusionsoft Annual Conference #ICON15 in Phoenix.

Thanks to Infusionsoft’s new partnership with  eliances, I had the chance to receive a valuable ticket.  I had tons of notes, pages in fact and I’ll share with you some of the key takeaways for me.

How do You Fascinate?
I have been a DiSC(R) facilitator for years and have used these profiles with my clients to identify their communication style.  That has been a great foundation and now I have a new tool that I learned from Sally Hogshead.  This tool will help you find even more focused key words to help you with your marketing and even a job search.  If you would like a free sample of this report, through April 30, 2015, add a comment to this post.  I learned that the three adjectives that best describe me are 1. Precise, 2. Sharp, and 3. Under-the-Radar.  As a business consultant, I think that was a great summary.
Automate, Automate, and Automate
Considering automation is the underlying core competency of Infusionsoft, you have to assume that you will learn about automation.  By attending Ryan Deiss’ workshop, I got the nuggets of what to do to keep my relationships through newsletters automated with what to say and when.  That may seem a little calloused as I’m writing to my audience now, but let’s face it, I do want to keep in touch with you because when you think about needing a business coach, accountability or business consulting, I do want to be top of mind with you.  With automation, I can get those processes in place to keep in touch and be spot on focused when we work together.  
Facebook for Business
Hooray for Krupa Patel.  Like me, she grew up in a family owned business.  Growing up in a day when social media was simply attending the Chamber of Commerce meeting, I related to her stories.  I was also thrilled to know how she used Facebook for Business was spot on for how I coach my clients to use Facebook and other social media platforms like Google Plus.  Make sure you have a personal profile as well as a business page if you want to use Facebook for your business.  The goal of social media is to educate your audience. If you want to sell on social media, do spend the money to boost your posts.  Personally, I’m a little guilty of being a little salesy – it’s a process.  Think before you post.  I’ve been coached to think, will what I tell my audience save them money, make them more money and is it interesting or something they didn’t know.  (That’s thanks to my friend David Green, author of The Invisible Hand.)
Business today is more personal than ever, so every relationship takes more nurturing,  I know that I have over 6,000 people in my database so that’s a lot of conversations and faces and businesses to remember.  Keeping in touch with everyone does need to have an automated system in place, with understanding my personality strengths, I can be focused in my conversations and with social media we can tune in on what’s going on personally and professionally.
Thanks for being part of my community. 
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