Twenty percent of a person’s effort generates 80 percent of the person’s results. The corollary (result) to this is that 20 percent of one’s results absorb 80 percent of one’s resources or efforts. ~Pareto Principle

To maximize personal productivity, realize that 80 percent of one’s time is spent on many trivial activities. When it registers with you that you need to get back on track, assess what’s going on there. When you see which activities produce the most value to your company, you can find the right keys to open the right doors of opportunity to then change your focus so that you concentrate on the vital 20 percent. What do you do with those tasks that are left over? Get organized; delegate them or discontinue doing them.

Here are three quick tips to stay organized and to manage your changes each day.

Follow Up – File for follow up anything that is still pending– you need to keep this piece of paper because you, and only you, must take further action on the item.

Tidy up – When you’re done with it, put it away. Tidying up files and supplies as you go keeps items always ready to use.

Have a “clean out files” day – Do it! Once every six or twelve months, plan an event to clean out files. This event may be the day to hire a professional organizer or productivity consultant to come in and help accomplish the project faster and more efficiently.

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