Rebuilding confidence isn’t always straight forward because sometimes we don’t even know we’re not being as confident as we used to be.  However, if this article is resonating with you at any level, here are some tips for you to reclaim your confidence.

1.  Write down what skills you liked using the most in your last job?  What were you genuinely great at, keep it really simple.  Ask yourself, “Are those skills highlighted on my resume?”  You want prospective employers to see what you are best at.  Imagine going into an interview and having them ask you, so tell me about your experience “facilitating conferences” and you detest the extroverted function of your previous job!

2.   Find a local group that meets weekly to support other folks looking for work.  You will get the benefit of networking and also be of service as you may be helping someone else with your network. 

3.   Connect with social networks.  I say this cautiously, as it can be a time waster if you’re not targeted about how you are managing your time.  Become involved with the business groups on Facebook, and connect with professional peers on LinkedIn.  Update your profile, and your status, let people know you’re available.  Interact, engage and be honest!

Building your confidence with work is kind of like dating.  Sometimes it doesn’t work out.  It’s time to say NEXT, lift your head up high and move on.  Even though it may have been the best job you ever had, know that you have it in you to score an awesome job! 

Anne McGurty , CEO of Strategize and Organize,  She is a business coach working with busy executives and CEO’s of small business.  


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