Supplementation vs activation, do you know the difference?

If you are like me, you may take, supplements — vitamins, herbs, minerals, all with the best intents to help their health. I was that way for years, never knowing if any of it was working. Now I have learned that those supplements were actually just topping off deficiencies in my health. 

Supplementation actually tops off deficiencies. ie poor diet, oxidative stress 

Some people take a lot of supplements because they believe its good for them, their adrenals. Yep, I heard that many times that my adrenaline was worn down.  If you are like how I used to be, you may be thinking supplements would provide more energy. I realized I didn’t know what I was putting in their body

Many of the supplements today have synthetics and are contaminated, even problems with quality control – ever smell your fish oil and burp fish burps! That’s rancid supplementation.  These synthetic supplements are not sitting well in our bodies. We don’t know what additional toxins we are adding. Supplementation will always be limited. I’m not saying there’s not a place for it.  Just saying, that even though you may think you’re doing the right thing, you still could be hurting yourself.

Now compare that to activation.  We now have the ability with activation to work at the cellular level. We are literally turning a switch on in our bodies — working at the cellular level getting our cells healthy so t that the cells are doing the work for us.

Since activation happens at the cellular level, we can turn on health-promoting genes and we can turn off negative or damaging genes. That’s what we do through activation.

For example oxidative stress, a natural by-product of metabolism, but through modern issues, poor food, EMFs, depleted soil, toxins in the air. . all of these are put on our system adding to oxidative stress. We know oxidative stress is tied to so many imbalances and disease processes in our body. 

How do we counter oxidative stress?

From a supplement standpoint with fruits and veggies, it will provide natural antioxidants. If we’re supplementing for increased Vitamin C, Vitamin A, glutathione,  With supplementation we are putting in the external substances to try to dampen oxidative stress, stamping out the free radical damage, Supplementing is a one to one attack on the free radicals.  One good to one bad free radical.  

With activation, we turn on the switch to turn on the cells that have such a strong antioxidant foundation that is like using a fire hose to stop a burning building, vs a Dixie cup .. which is what we do through activation. We are switching on our body’s own ability increasing the power, like the power of the fire hose. 

Want to learn more about activation, message me and I can connect you to my amazing community of medical professionals, health & wellness entrepreneurs who can get you started on your road to living the life you love – feeling amazing, I mean feeling ACTIVATED. 

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