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How Nutrition Activates Your Brain

You are what you eat, right? Classic 3rd-grade playground diss, but not totally unrealistic. Maybe our little 8-year-old brains were onto something while defending every last iota of respect and dignity we could muster during recess.

Source: How Nutrition Activates Your Brain

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5 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Oxidative Stress

Last night I was at a meeting with several dynamic speakers. One is a 3-time cancer survivor pharmacologist, another a neuroscientist and another layperson, like me, with a passion for helping others. Before I elaborate, in case you don’t know, oxidative stress is the root cause of over 200 diseases. Knowing that you NEED to reduce your oxidative stress if you want to live longer and minimize the risk of getting most diseases. These speakers provided the following ways that you can start right now.

  1. The awareness that you have oxidative stress and reduce your exposure to free radicals. Free
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