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How to stretch your fruit and veggies shelf life

Nobody likes going to the grocery store. Especially right now. That’s why extending the life of the food you already have is so important. These tips will help you get more out of your fruits and veggies.

Even though shopping has changed, our dietary guidelines haven’t. We still need to eat more fruits and vegetables. But it seems like they simply don’t last. We either go to the store and stock up on them only to see them go bad without eating them – or we end up making more trips to the grocery store to buy smaller amounts. 

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Social Distancing: Tag! You’re It.

As self-quarantines and shelter in place laws spread across the world, people are showing us that we can still accomplish a lot – even when space is limited.

As coronavirus spread across Northern Italy several weeks ago, Italians took to their homes to contain the spread. They also took to social media, challenging themselves to push their minds and bodies to new limits, even in limited space. As more countries began following suit, the trend caught on. Right now, it’s hard to go on social media without seeing friends posting their own home workout challenges. 

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