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Tip of the Day: Follow Up! Create a “Follow Up” file for anything that is still pending. 

A long time ago I learned that those piles of papers on your desk where most likely there because you needed to stay on top of the status.  Only too often do I hear clients say that they still miss deadlines or forget to respond to something because they forgot the paper was on their desk.

It’s kind of futile then to have a messy desk with files and no system to go through the files.

The best way that I have found to stay on top of those piles of papers short of the obvious organized file index for your filing system, is to have a follow up tickler file.  A tickler file is a fairly rudimentary system that is for each day.  The trick is that you need to refer to it daily or be in the habit of putting things in teh tickler for days that you know you will be at your desk to refer back to it. 

If you’re on teh go a bit, create a portable tickler file and keep it with you because you.  This file is for you and only you, must take further action on these items. 

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