Schedule time to focus specifically on getting organized.

People often vow to get organized when they can find the time.  However, they never seem to find the time as long as they are disorganized.  That is why it is important to schedule some time to focus specifically on the process of getting organized.  Although this sounds like a simple step, it is very important.  Remember it is easier to be organized than disorganized.

Make a commitment to devote a specific block of time to this project.  It will take much less time than you think and the significant increase in productivity will allow you to make up the time spent on implementing the Path to Productivity(TM)  very quickly.  During this block of time, try to minimize:

Working on other projects unrelated to getting organized

If possible, we suggest you block out two to four hours to learn and implement the Path to Productivity.  This will be enough time to finish or make significant progress.  After working on the Path to Productivity process for a couple of hours, most people feel more focused, in control and physically and mentally energized.

Realistically, some of you may feel you can’t spare two to four hours.  If so, go through this workbook at your own pace.  Each page represents one significant step toward getting organized.  Some steps take less than five minutes, most take less than 30 minutes.  Once you get started, try to complete at least one page a day until you get the job done.

Increase the odds of successfully implementing the Path to Productivity(TM)  by putting your commitment in writing (write in down on your daytime or calendar) and sticking with your schedule!

“I have scheduled time on my calendar to focus specially on getting organized.”

Or “I have a daily appointment scheduled in my electronic calendar to focus specifically on getting organized.”

*Path to Productivity is a workshop delivered by Strategize & Organize. To schedule your in house corporate training, visit

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