Working from home is a perk that many companies now offer employees.  If you find that you love working at home but feel that it’s just not as effective than working at the office, there may be just a few logistical tweaks you need to make to make it more productive.

  1. Your desk, is it comfortable clutter free and I find most importantly in a “power position”.  A power  position would be having your back against a solid wall, facing the door and comfortable lighting and ventilation.  I’m a fan of having a Feng Shui expert help you with placement of furniture and the layout of your home.  It seems to work for me and keeps me focused on decluttering.  Fun classes are available here in Scottsdale.  Lisa, the owner of Feng Shui Scottsdale, is someone I’ve gotten to know and enjoy her passion. Check out her website and classes:
  2. Your computer has the two screen option.  I don’t know about you, but life with two screens is my piece of heaven.  I used to be a print everything out.  With two screens you can reference information on one page and input on the other.  For example, you may be writing an email to a client, and you need to refer to the contract.  Previously I would pull the physical file, refer to my notes or the contract and then write my email.  Now with two screens, I can go to my Google drive, pull up the client file and start typing away with ease and confidence that i have all the details available.  You don’t have to go crazy and spend a ton on an extra monitor, I picked one up at the local Goodwill Store for $15.  And that was a splurge as there were plenty for only $5.
  3. Having the right phone.  If your cell service isn’t full bars in your home office, either get a new provider or get a landline.  If your a professional and want people to respect you and enjoy talking with you, have a clean connection.
  4. Minimize the noise.  I know you’re at home and you’re enjoying the flexibility. but nothing changes the vibe of a conference call when you hear the doorbell ring, a dog barking or someone preparing a meal in the background.  Use the mute button, use your headset, make sure others in the house know that you’re working and quiet is required.
  5. Dress right or cover up.  Personally, I love starting the day with a quick shower, no makeup and throwing on my Lululemon yoga pants.  I feel great but don’t particularly want my colleagues seeing me with the no makeup look.  Last year, I was participating in an online class and the presenter who was intending to never be seen, unfortunately, was seen by the class.  He was in an underwear thread born t-shirt and hadn’t shaven and frankly looked horrible.  My confidence in his expertise was immediately lost.  If you are working from home and choose to not shower, shave or suit up, then cover up.  A handy little sticker from Staples called Whoosh is a cheap investment to protect your privacy as an extra safety feature.

Enjoy your freedom to work from home.  Hopefully, with these little tips you can be more relaxed and even more productive.


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