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Why Biohacking Your Body Matters

Why Biohacking Your Body Matters

Every little thing you change has the power to impact your life and activation is one of the best ways to benefit your health in the long run 🙌

Has anybody here read The Compound Effect? It’s a book written about making a change in your life… specifically around success and finances but it can be applied most to HEALTH.

Here’s the DEAL:

Small choices + Consistently + Time = Significant Results

Let’s think about the products you use, the food you eat, the water you drink. We all can agree that it’s a small choice we make daily, right?

And if we make better choices, we’re probably not going to see much change in our health on day 1, or 2 or 3…

BUT we are on our way to SIGNIFICANT CHANGE in the long run by making a healthy choice to introduce fewer toxins to our body.

Think about this… if you’re trying to lose weight you might eat a salad for lunch instead of fried chicken. Will you see the scale drop that day? Nope. You need to make that healthy food choice daily for quite a while before you catch the results.

Take a look at this graph below. 👇

Your health MATTERS. You matter. And those small habits you do daily MATTERS! 🌱

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