Have you had conversations with friends or colleagues and the topic was retirement? You know their dreams of traveling around the world, getting the RV and driving to all of the best-known places, or finally spending time with their family? The interesting part of those conversations is how few people are actually able to retire in the lifestyle that they had once dreamed about.

It seems like, at least from my experience growing up, talking about money was about as standoffish as it was to talk about sex. It was just never discussed. As I grew up to be an adult, my financial milestones were very private, even to people who were in a position to help. I had no foundation to understand and, as personal experience had ingrained in me, to trust. As a result, i know I personally made a lot of “impulsive” financial decisions, along with some sound decisions. Overall, I did okay. Until in 2010 when as an independently employed business consultant, I was diagnosed with cancer. Now it’s too late to take another look at my “short term” or “long term” disability, so I had to keep showing up and work with my clients as I dealt with my medical needs. Although I had “good” health insurance, it was a high deductible and since medical crisis doesn’t have the luxury of being planned, the medical expenses were over three calendar years, meaning three years of medical deductibles. $10K, $10K, $10, oh and then out of pocket costs. Before you know it, my home of 25 years was fully tapped out in home equity loans, my business was down and I had to make major changes in my work and lifestyle.

The next few years as I recovered from the trauma, I realized that not working as a self employed person, meant no billable hours. I’ve since learned that, even in the corporate world, or working for another small business, you too may be subject to earning less or working less hours during a crisis, resulting in bringing in less money. Those thoughts of retirement are not even in your dreams.

Being in the “entrepreneurial” world, I was exposed to meeting many people from all different walks of life. After the trauma I experienced, personally, financially, and even spiritually, I have since been determined to help others by sharing my experience. A significant concept that I heard about and even dabbled in over the years, all of a sudden registered in my mind and I have since found that it is the key to having hope for financial security in retirement years.
The door I opened with that key, was to leveraged income. Do something once, and get paid for it forever. Ironically, very similar to the traditional auto insurance sales person. They sell you a policy and each month when you pay your premiums, they receive a “renewal” income.

Today’s economy has changed so significantly since 2010. The ideas I had to make supplemental income were innovative at the time even though today they are more mainstream. People today are making money with “side gigs” or having a “side hustle”. I’ve been an AirBNB host since before people really understood what it was, I sold my “investment” clothes to consignment shops, and even ventured into the world of MLM! And guess what? I found that the MLM, multi-level marketing opportunity actually made sense. Find a company and product you believe in and become an advocate. You tell friends that you found a restaurant that you absolutely loved or a movie that kept you at the edge of your seat. Are the production houses sending you a thank you check? I didn’t think so.

I’m not going to talk about the company I work with today, however, I do love their product and business philosophy. If you want to know more, message me. I do want to share that the concept has proven to be a 3-5 year plan to build your financial future. Especially, when you are partnered with a credible company, with patented products, peer-reviewed studies, and a culture of helping others.

If you have a passion to help others, you want to live longer and be healthy, and dread the thought that you many never retire, the concept of learning more about residual income , especially with a product that you will feel compelled to share with “everyone”, you may have the opportunity to be the pioneer among your community to live the dream of that retirement.

Did you get some value from my perspective on planning for retirement? I truly hope you did and if you did or if you have any good retirement tips to share, join the conversation below and let us know.

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