henleyIf you’re like me, you get to work from home.  I hear some people say they don’t like working from home because they get distracted or maybe even feel a little less motivated.

I found out that if I dress like it’s still a work day, I am much more productive.  That being said, I’m not necessarily in business attire, I’m just darn comfortable.  Sometimes it’s just a simple Thermal Henley Top .  My pants are usually super comfortable, I find that leggings are too confining, so I get cozy with a pair of Track Pants.  Since I live in Arizona, shoes are not always a big deal and I’m not crazy about slippers, so I usually just throw on a pair of flip flops and I like a little wedge because they just make me feel a little more feminine.  If I was a little too rushed in the morning and didn’t have time to fix my hair up, I’ll add a little beanie, so my hair is presentable and it looks cute.

Fragrance is a staple for me, so I will still spritz on my new favorite, Bloom from Gucci.  Just in case I have that impromptu Skype call, I always have on my lipstick ,  and powder foundation.

Remember to stay hydrated during the day by drinking lots of water.  In a Bloomberg report, it was quoted by a neuroscientist that “even a mild dehydration might have a significant impact on work capacity and productivity.”  So drink up and get to work in style!



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