Walk into any thriving business, and you won’t travel far before you can see and experience what productivity looks like. It’s in the air—it’s contagious! The business vision, mission and core values play the most significant role in nurturing a culture of productivity and satisfaction.

The key measurements

What does productivity look like in your business? You will need to first find out your position when it comes metrics to create targeted goals for your business’s direction. Working with your staff or downline to explore and create new systems will radically increase your efficiency and skyrocket team morale. Set objectives and think outside of the box using the following three critical productivity measurements.

1. One success at a time.  Rather than focusing on total sales or volume, mastering one success at a time may be a more manageable goal. Determine your team’s current status; if  there’s room for improvement in the process, if you’re cutting corners, or unprepared for meetings, just imagine where you’ll land when you reach one success at a time. Another way to increase your success is to take into consideration what your ideal client looks like and use a checklist to go through the prospeciting and service of the client.  . When it comes to increasing your productivity and gross margin, systematically mastering your level of service can pay immense dividends.

2. Reward client rebooking, prebooking or going on autopayments. What is repeated is rewarded. Add incentives for clients who prebook their next appointments or go on auto payments.  In a direct marketing company, the team will most likely to be successful will be the one with the most customers on autoship.. constantly reordering products they need.. You may even find that certain clients prefer the convenience of prebooking all of their appointments. Create a buzz by offering any client who prebooks their next three appointments, consultations or orders, or more a chance to win a free gift each week. Announcing the weekly winner on Facebook is also a great way to engage fans talking about your brand. Your free gift may be a product you’re launching or a service with a new team member. Purposefully rewarding your clients will efficiently increase productivity.

3. Keep an 80% busy rate. Ask owners and team members how busy they wish to stay when working with clients and the answer you’ll most likely hear is 100%. The problem with having a 100% busy rate is that you become overly immersed in your business, which means you’re not taking time to work at your business.

It is tricky to balance your time, but when you put more time into strategically building relationships with existing and new clients, you will achieve greater long-term productivity. Consider writing personal thank-you notes to every client who came through your doors last week or for every person who you felt a connection.. That’s impossible, right? Wrong. If you set aside time for building client relationships, you will meet that goal and create raving fans along the way.  I used an automated card program to make this much easier.

Creating a plan that adds value, creativity and focuses on what’s in the client’s best interest will consistently trump being busy 100% of the time. It will also continuously give you a fresh business perspective.

Strategically rewarding your clients, letting them know you value them, will definitely boost productivity in your business.

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